That is our philosophy here at MVNU Training! It doesn't matter if you want to lose weight, gain strength, increase athletic performance, increase endurance or a combination of all of these. You need to treat your body the right way to reach any of these goals. We believe the foundation of a healthy body comes down to 2 core principles:

1. Mobility - making sure that you can move your body the way it should move.

2. Nutrition - Fueling your body the right way to stay healthy, fend off chronic disease/illness, repair muscle tissue, promote healthy digestion/uptake of nutrients, maintain healthy hormonal function.

It is this combination of proper movement and nutrition habits that will lead you to be able to live the life you have imagined.


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Meet the Coaches


Candice Daviau

Hey there, My name is Candice and I am one of the trainers here at MVNU Training. I have always been passionate about fitness but really started to struggle with my weight in my mid twenties. I could work out everyday but my diet was very unhealthy. Not only did cleaning up my diet help me lose 30+ pounds but it has helped my energy, focus, and moods. I truly believe food is medicine and if we fuel our bodies right, along with strength training- we will feel our ultimate best! Lose the thought of a quick fix- let’s think lifestyle change. My goal is to inspire you to feel your best. Let’s get moving. 

Personal Trainer Jay Duquette

Jay Duquette

Hi! I am the owner/trainer of MVNU Training! My life's mission is to change peoples lives by making them healthier. Plain and simple. Through opening MVNU Training I have taken the core principles that contribute to a happier, fuller, longer, & more active life and put them at the forefront of our teaching. I am not here to just put you through a good workout, that's the easy part. I'm here to educate, motivate, and inspire you to pursue a healthier, happier way of living life.


Jim Wise

Hey! I’m Jim and I’m proud to be a trainer here at MVNU. For most of my life I was overweight and at my heaviest, was over 300lbs. I thought there was nothing I could do and felt hopeless. Then one day that mindset changed and I started devouring information on exercise and nutrition. Over a three-year journey, I lost over 100lbs and changed my life entirely. Now I have devoted myself to health and fitness and have never been happier! I focus primarily on weight loss and strength training and would love to share my knowledge and experience to motivate and to help you write your own success story. So, if any of this sounds familiar, drop me a line and let’s get moving!




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